Perth, Australia Couple Session | Audrey & Hendrik

“I just love how quirky our relationship is. You accept how silly I am, laugh out loud at my corny jokes, gleefully laugh when I suddenly fell asleep when you are driving, and much more that I can’t write down. I love how I don’t need to be anyone else when I am with you.”

The saying above is a glimpse of what Hendrik shared to us about Audrey, his lovely bride to be. Audrey and Hendrik have been very sweet along the way and we were blessed to witness and capture those moments. We were having total fun while shooting for Audrey and Hendrik’s couple session video in Perth, Australia. We stayed in a nice homestay, load ourselves with Perth’s delicacies, nice windy weather, and of course two easy going lovebirds to work with. Our job could never been better and easier.

As we believe so, memories are made with the people you travel with. Hats off for the lovely couple and not to forget their cool parents as well who were very generous to us during the whole trip.

Photography by Iluminen