Pandawa Cliff Estate Wedding | Danielle & Adam

Love lies in the smallest things, as much as we often hear about it, Danielle and Adam showed us the reason why it matters.

It can be felt through the little gesture, the way he gently hold her hands, and the sparks in their eyes right before they kissed. But what we admire the most, was a story that Dani shared with us about love notes from Adam, each day. A real and thoughtful gift from Adam to remind her how much he loves her every single day, to compliment her through words and action, just because.

Marriage is like a rollercoaster in life, and we believe that it takes more than courage to jump into it, most importantly, it takes a right person to be with. Through the highs and lows, Danielle and Adam are excited to spend their whole life together. Hand in hand for an endless adventure in a lifetime.

Photography by Terralogical