Sumba Island Fashion Shoot | Vicario Bride

We explored East Sumba together with Terralogical and Victoria Makeup Atelier, and Vicario Bride. As Vicario Bride soon will launch their fashion newest collections, Beaudhulo, we fell in love instantly with the beauty of East Sumba.

Beaudhulo,  as the word “beau” means “beautiful” in French, we were not only admiring the classic couture dresses made by Vicario, we also being captivated by the land.

Imagine a magical place completely different from anything you are used to. We went down to Walakiri Beach to enjoy the sunset for beautiful views of the mangroves. East Sumba is a very picturesque land with the grass on the hills showing their different shades of brown and green.

On top of that, we couldn’t easily forget the friendly Sumbanese who helped us through the journey. Enjoy the rest of our story here.

Photography by Terralogical