Kayumanis Nusa Dua, Bali Wedding | Helen & Nick

We are a firm believer in pinky promises, because keeping promises is important for a happy and healthy relationship. But, there’s something much bigger than that; a wedding vow. Witnessing Helen and Nick’s wedding vows was definitely one of the most heartwarming experience for us.

She promise to always stand by him through all happiness and struggles.
She promise to be his full time best friend, supporter and travel partner, even if she have to die with great white shark in a cage.
She promise to worry less and be more positive even when she’s hungry and tired.
She promise to supply him with a lot of hugs and loving touch.

And that day, Nick also made promises to Helen as he standing in front of her, taking her as his wife.

He promise to support her when life is easy and when it’s not.
He promise to always admire her, even if it means to posting more of her photos on Instagram.
He promise to make her as a priority over his work and to give her much more time, much much more than to his macbook and playstation.
He promise to have more heart to heart talk and to love her.
For the rest of his life.