Bisma Eight Ubud Wedding | Laura & Braden

We all know those tears that we get when we can’t stop laughing, just because we don’t want to.
And they just rest on the cheeks until we finish our laughter.
For all previous brides out there, you know those tears you get when you walk down the aisle and everything is perfect.
The tears just run down through your eyes in an instant, until you need to blink and wipe them away.

That’s what we felt during the ceremony of Laura and Braden.
They shed a happy tear in the middle of wedding vows.
“I promise to not spend all my money on designer clothes.”
She promised him that, and we all know how important is that, aren’t we?

If wishes worked like magic,
to Laura and Braden, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness.
May the years ahead be filled with lasting joy!

Photography by Terralogical