Limitless Workshop 2017 | Terralogical & Friends

Limitless Workshop, created by these talented people: Bloc Memoire, Samuel Goh, and Terralogical, also with Carol Kuntjoro as the guest speaker.

To create a safe, supportive and non-hostile community in the wedding photography scene, they gathered for two days workshop situated at Mahatma House, just few steps away to Seseh Beach.

As Bonjo said, if Terralogical was a person, he will be a friendly neighbour who travels a lot, to always come back home with back up stories. And because he likes to travel, he develop an open mind that can connect to more people in different background.

You always hunger to improve yourself, there’s always many hills to climb, and eventually you’ll get tired from it, said Li Guan Hui of Bloc Memoire Photography.

And we couldn’t agree more with Samuel Goh, when he said that it takes a lot of time to be where you want to be. It really is!

To all the strong warriors out there, stay strong and don’t give up, ever! There’s always a place like Limitless Workshop that will accommodate you with everything that you need, you just have to find one and do it.