Cappadocia, Turkey Couple Session | Nellie & Han

“When you find the right person, wait 11 years before you say yes.”

A lovely joke from Nellie Lim when she got proposed by her fiancé, Zhe Han, on December 2016.
Zhe Han planned for a surprise at the top of the mountain in New Zealand with a helicopter ride, right before he went down on one knee. And Nellie said “Yes” because the helicopter ride was the only way down the mountain! That’s just another joke.

This time, Nellie and Zhe Han go out with us to another fantasy land: Cappadocia, Turkey. Famously known as ‘fairy chimneys’ with its tall, cone-shaped rock formations clustered in Monks Valley. A jaw-dropping views around us, thanks to its outstandingly beautiful landscapes, dramatic weather conditions, and the lovely pair: Nellie and Zhe Han.

Once again, congratulations for the wedding!

Photography by Terralogical