Bali Couple Session | Sisca & Edwin

Strong relationships require great efforts as we believe so. Just like what Sisca and Edwin have done to come this far and decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Edwin can be exceptionally busy at times, so does Sisca as they both are working hard for their own passion and in their own way. Through it all, they seem to have it all on their hands and still they don’t let quality times slipped away in the middle of daily madness.

We personally think that one of the key for a successful marriage is acknowledging the scale of true priorities. There is no time wasted when you spent it with the loved one, instead you are investing in stronger bond of relationship. At times you can be lost in your day, but we hope by the end of the day you have someone to make it full just like how Sisca and Edwin have each other.

Photography by Terralogical