Bali Couple Session | Florencia & Endru

Love. We may usually equate it with chemistry, finding the one, soul mates.
As it defines in the dictionary, love means a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person. It also describe as a feeling of warm personal attachment towards someone.

But Endru and Flo told us a different meaning of love. Endless support is one of them, as he said.
“Flo made me into a way much better man than before. She always support me in every things. If not because of her, I might not become the way I am today.”

We believe that big things always have small beginnings. As everyone, in their unique ways, making small changed that can potentially have a big effect on someone’s life, that’s how Flo changed Endru, and now he’s not the same. He is a better man, with her.

Photography by Bubble Photography